Public toilets

Public toilets in Bristol


Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill, Bristol BS1 5QT

Central Library
College Green, Bristol BS1 5TL

Colston Avenue
15 The Colston Centre, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4UB

Wapping Wharf
Wapping Wharf, Redcliff, Bristol BS1 6UD

St James Barton
St James Barton, Bristol BS1 3LT

Castle Park
Across the footbridge from the Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol BS1 3XF


Cowmead Walk urinal
Mina Road, St Werburgh’s


East Street
Adj Diamond Street Car Park, East Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4ZZ

Victoria Park
Somerset Terrace, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4LL

Ashton Park
Ashton Road, on the edge of Greville Smyth Park

Long Ashton Park and Ride
Ashton Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2HB


Redcatch Park
Broadwalk, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2RA


St George’s Park
Church Road, junction with Chalks Road, St George, Bristol BS5 9AA


St Andrews Park
Melita Road, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5AZ


Central Museum and Art Gallery
Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1RL

Blackboy Hill urinal
Westbury Road by junction with Blackboy Hill, Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PB

Suspension Bridge
Near Suspension Bridge, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3ZZ


Canford Park Pavilion
Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3NX. Only open when staff are on site.

Westbury Village
High Street, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3BY

Sea Walls
Circular Road, Durdham Down, Sneyd Park

Stoke Road
Adjacent to the water tower, Stoke Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 1ZZ


Blaise Castle Estate
Henbury Road, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7QS

Greystoke Avenue
Greystoke Avenue, Southmead, Bristol BS10 6AD


Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol BS11 9ZZ


Bridgwater Road
Opposite 13 Brunel Road, Bridgwater Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol BS13 7DX


Hengrove Play Park
Recreation Ground, Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 0HR

Brislington Park and Ride
Bath Road, Brislington, Bristol BS14 5LR


Snuff Mills
Park River View, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1DL

Fishponds Park
Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3ZZ

Fishponds Customer Service Point
Robinson House, Hockeys Lane, Fishponds, Bristol

Eastville Park
Muller Road, junction with Fishponds Road

Oldbury Court Estate
Oldbury Court Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2JH


Ashton Court Estate (by golf course)
Ashton Court Park, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN

Ashton Court Estate (by Ashton Court House)
Ashton Court Park, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN

Problems with public toilets

Please report any problems with public toilets to Customer Services either on 0117 922 2100 or