Report a street that needs cleaning

Report a street that needs cleaning

Tell us about litter or other mess on the street

Use this form to report:

  • litter or overflowing bins 
  • leaves, blossom and weeds
  • blood, human excrement or vomit
  • needles, condoms and other drug and sex related litter 
  • litter or mess around bus stops 
  • fuel, oil and chemicals
  • glass: broken or not
  • paint: wet or dry
  • a dead animal that needs removing
  • dog mess

We've changed the way you access some of our online forms

You need to create an account and sign in to use our bin, recycling and some street issue online forms. When you sign in you’ll be able to:

  • submit a form
  • check the progress of your reports, orders and referrals
  • look at past communications with us, such as forms you've submitted, phone calls or emails

This account will be separate from other accounts you may already have with us. You can use the same email address that you use for other accounts.
We are fixing some recently identified accessibility issues with bins, recycling and street issue forms. If you experience difficulties, use our bins and recycling contact form instead.  

Report a street that needs cleaning

If you have an urgent weekend request, call our Emergency Control, 0117 922 2050.


In a play area, park or open space

See parks maintenance.