Book a cricket pitch, tell us your insurance details and fixtures

Cricket pitches

We have four cricket pitches you can book:

  • Netham Park: three artificial pitches
  • Oldbury Court Estate : one grass pitch

Booking times

Netham Park pitches can be booked for most times in the day.

Oldbury Court pitches can only be booked for:

  • Saturdays 2pm until 8.30pm
  • Sundays 2pm until 8.30pm

Seasonal bookings

The cricket season runs from the first Saturday in May to the last Sunday of August.

If you book a cricket pitch for a season you must have public liability insurance and let us have your fixture details.  You can tell us your insurance and fixtures as part of your booking or tell us later.

You can use the seasonal sports booking form to:

  • book a cricket pitch for a whole season
  • tell us your insurance details
  • tell us your cricket fixtures 
  • update your cricket fixtures

Go to seasonal sports booking form

Seasonal booking costs

Pitch booking costs for a season are:

  • Seasonal adult pitch: £644
  • Seasonal junior pitch: £324

Casual pitch booking 

Pitches only available at Netham Park for casual bookings. 

To book, complete and return the documents:

Casual booking costs

Casual pitch booking costs per session are:

  • adult pitch £78
  • junior pitch £46.70

Optional insurance inclusion charge £2

Live cricket fixtures

Live cricket fixtures and pitch updates