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Book a football pitch and tell us your insurance details and fixtures.

Football pitches 

You can book any of our outdoor football pitches for a season for you or your local football club.  You can also hire goal nets and corner posts for the season. 

Grass pitches 

Youll need to book to use the following pitches which are only available on a Saturday or Sunday:

  • Canford Park: three pitches
  • Eastville Park: two pitches
  • Kingshead Lane: two pitches
  • Muller Road Rec: four pitches
  • Netham Park: three pitches
  • Oldbury Court: two pitches
  • Redcatch Park: two pitches
  • Wellington Hill: one pitch (junior)
  • Dorian Road: two pitches

Seasonal bookings

The bookable football season starts on the first Saturday in September and finishes the first weekend of May (Netham Park and Oldbury Court will close the last Sunday of April).

Check football pitch availability Go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vNSNrLzK7oyMEmyEDDeUAkiFWEVtzvBzuY7DLNQ9t8c/edit (opens new window)

Seasonal pitch booking costs 

See pdf parks football terms and conditions (213 KB)  for seasonal pitch booking costs. 

If you book a football pitch for a season you must have public liability insurance and let us have your fixture details.  You can tell us your insurance and fixtures as part of the pitch booking or tell us later.

You can use the seasonal sports booking form to:

    • book a football pitch for a whole season
    • tell us your insurance details
    • tell us your football fixtures, fill in the  document home fixtures table document (19 KB)  and upload it in the seasonal sports booking form.
    • update football fixtures (football in the parks only)

Go to seasonal sports booking form

Casual pitch booking

There are no casual bookings available.

Indoor and all-weather football pitches

There are indoor and all weather football pitches at:

Find a local football club

Find a local senior or junior football team to join at:

Football for women and girls

Find out how you can get involved in Womens Football:

Disability football

Find out about opportunities in football for people with a disability:

Professional football

Bristol has two professional football clubs that play either in the Championship or League One:

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