Air quality

Data and reports and how you can improve air quality.

Clean air is essential for health and helps to make the city a pleasant place to live. We monitor air quality around the city and are working to improve it.

Local air quality data is available on the Bristol Air Quality website.

National air quality data and pollution forecasts are available from Defra.

An air quality action plan is available at the West of England Partnership transport plan page.

Air quality report 2017

The 2017 air quality annual status report (pdf, 5.3MB) (opens new window)  (opens new window) is now available.

How you can help improve air quality

Reducing traffic on Bristol's roads would reduce congestion and improve air quality. If we all stopped using our car for one in ten of our journeys, there would be 10% less traffic on the road.

How you can travel without a car
See our streets and travel section for information on cycling, walking and community transport.

The TravelWest website can help you:

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