To reduce air pollution, Bristol is covered by a smoke control order.

Under the Clean Air Act of 1993, all of Bristol is covered by a smoke control order.  This means that you can't emit smoke from a chimney unless you're burning an authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance. 

You can be fined up to £300 if you break the rules.

Authorised fuels

If you're not using an exempt appliance, you can only burn fuel on the list of authorised fuels from Defra.

Exempt appliances

You can burn unauthorised fuels in exempt appliances such as some boilers, cookers and stoves.  However, you must only use the type of fuel that the manufacturer says can be used in the appliance.  See the list of exempt appliances on Defra.

Openfires and wood burning stoves

Defra has put together a pdf practical guide (221 KB) that provides simple steps to reduce the environmental and health impacts of openfires and woodburning stoves.


You can use outdoor barbeques, chimineas, fireplaces or pizza ovens.  However, if any of these release smoke through a building chimney, for example in a summerhouse, you can only burn authorised fuel or they must be exempt.


You're allowed to have garden bonfires, but you need to consider your neighbours and follow the rules on bonfires

Report a problem with smoke

If smoke bothers you, try and talk to the person responsible.  They may not realise they're causing a problem. 

If this doesn't resolve the problem or you can't talk to the person responsible, you can report it to us.

Report a problem with smoke