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Report rubbish that’s been dumped on the road, pavement or public land.

Street that needs cleaning

Tell us about litter or other mess on the street.


Report graffiti so we can remove it as quickly as possible.


Flyposting is putting a poster, sticker or sign on public or private property without the permission of the owner.

Pothole, damaged road or footpath

Report a pothole, loose manhole cover or damaged kerb, footpath or street name sign.

Drain: overflowing or damaged

Tell us if you see a drain that is blocked, damaged, or is missing its cover, or if you’ve dropped something down a drain.

Abandoned or nuisance vehicles

Report an abandoned motor vehicle, or vehicles being sold or repaired on a road or pavement.

Problem with a street light

Tell us about a problem or fault with a street light and we will fix it.

Report a problem with a traffic light

Tell us about a problem with a traffic light so we can fix it.

Trees, hedges, leaves or grass

Report a problem with trees, hedges, shrubs, brambles, leaves, blossom or grass.

Bus stops and shelter problems

Tell us if you see a damaged bus stop, bus shelter, timetable or electronic, real-time information display.

Damaged traffic bollard

Let us know if you see a traffic bollard that has a broken light is damaged is missing

Dog mess

Report dog mess on a road or pavement, or in a play area, report a full dog mess bin or report a dog owner.

Report a dead animal that needs removing

Let us know if you see a dead animal or bird on the road or pavement, in a public space or in a private garden

Report a problem with a road sign

Tell us if you see a damaged, incorrect or missing road sign so we can fix it.