Information and help if you're struggling to manage your money or have debt problems.

Independent money advice

For independent money and debt advice contact The Money Adviser Network.

You can give them your contact details in confidence, so they can connect you with a qualified and regulated money adviser.

This is a free service partnered with Bristol City Council.

Preventing money problems

Local services that can give you advice about budgeting and money management:

National websites:

If you have problems getting a bank account Great Western Credit Union may be able to help.  Call 0117 9247309.

Dealing with debt

To find details of local advice organisations which provide debt advice and  help, see the ACFA website.

National websites

There are many websites offering advice to people struggling with debt, but many of these offer services that you have to pay for. Check whether the information on the websites above can help you, first.

Make an arrangement to pay your council debts (Council Tax, rent and other bills)

If you owe us money it's best to work out an arrangement to pay. This is an amount we'll agree with you that you repay regularly, to pay off your debt, it should make the payments more manageable for you.

Don't leave it as it will be harder to deal with later.

Make an arrangement to pay your council debt

Read our debt management policy.

Money in an emergency

Local crisis and prevention fund

You may be able to get an emergency payment and help with essential household items.

Find out more about getting an emergency payment or household goods.

Hardship payments

Find out about hardship payments on GOV.UK.

Short term benefit advances

You may be able to get an advance on your first benefit payment if you're in urgent financial need.

Find out more about short term benefit advances on GOV.UK.

Budgeting loans

Find out about budgeting loans on GOV.UK.

Charitable trusts

Charitable trusts may be able to help with specific needs, or people who have worked in particular jobs.

Find out more on the Turn2us website.

Beware of loan sharks

Loan sharks are illegal moneylenders who often charge very high interest rates. You can check if a company is authorised to lend money and report loan sharks anonymously.

Find out more about loan sharks and how to report one on GOV.UK.