What the household support fund is.

The household support fund is money from the government that we use to help low-income households with food and fuel poverty. The funding has been extended to the end of September 2022.

How the money will be allocated

Please do not contact us about the funding, we'll be in touch if you're eligible. 

The fund will be divided as follows:

Free school meals

Free school meals will be provided for Free School Meal/Pupil Premium children during summer half term, plus a four-week provision for the summer. They will be sent from the school by email, please contact your school directly if you do not receive it.

Low-income pensioners

You will be eligible if you are:

  • of state pension age, AND
  • on the council tax reduction scheme

The payment will be a top-up to the £150 council tax rebates and will be made once they have all been paid. Find out how to get your rebate and if you're eligible.

Charities and care leavers

Money is being allocated to care leavers, Red Cross to help those without access to other public funds and Age UK to assist older people.
These organisations will be in contact directly to assist those that eligible for assistance.

If you need emergency financial support, you can contact our Local Crisis Prevention Fund. You can also see help with money and debt problems