Information and tips on how to use the Mini Mic and Mic 2+ in the classroom and during group work.

Using the Mini Mic

Using the Mini-Mic brings the teacher's voice direct to the cochlear implant. This makes it easier for the pupil to hear across distance or if there's background noise.

How to use the Mini Mic

The pupil should hand the transmitter to you at the start of each session.

When you have the transmitter:

  • attach it so that the microphone is about 10 cm from your mouth
  • switch on and check the green light is flashing
  • discreetly check the pupil can hear you
  • repeat contributions from other pupils in class discussions
  • switch the transmitter off when talking to other groups or individuals
  • check with pupil before switching it back on

Face the class when using the transmitter. If you turn away, the mini mic’s transmission may be interrupted.

During group discussion, place microphone in horizontal position.

The microphone is very sensitive. Avoid wearing noisy clinking jewellery.

Using the cochlear Mini Mic 2

Wearing the microphone

When you’re wearing the microphone:

  • make sure the device is clipped on with the microphone facing outwards and a pens length from your mouth: if it is too far away or too close, it will not pick up speech effectively
  • remove lanyards and scarves, so that they do not rub against the microphone: this creates background noise, making it harder for the student to understand speech
  • make sure the microphone has a direct line of sight to the processor, otherwise the sound may cut out
  • use the mute button when not talking directly to the student: the mute button will flash red when muted, press this again to unmute

Indicator lights

Quick green flashes: turned on.

Yellow flashes: muted.

Continuous yellow flashes: low battery .

Group work

During group work, place the microphone flat on top of a soft cloth in the middle of a table. It will pick up multiple speakers.

Transmit audio directly to the student’s hearing device

To transmit the audio used in class directly to the students’ hearing devices:

  • plug an audio lead into the jack at the bottom of the mini mic 2+
  • connect it to a computer or tablet

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