How BCHAs work, how to check a BCHA is working, ongoing management.

How BCHAs work

These hearing aids are used when hearing cannot be transmitted through air and through the middle ear. Sound is transmitted through the bone of the skull directly to the cochlear in the inner ear. 

BCHAs work most effectively when the speaker is within 2 metres. BCHAs can be on a soft band or a hard band.

How to check a BCHA is working

Check the battery every morning. Hold the hearing aid in your hand. You should be able to feel the hearing aid vibrating when you talk. If it doesn’t, change the battery and try again. 

Ask the child to turn round so they can’t lip read. Give a simple instruction and check for appropriate response.

Ongoing management

If you’re concerned that the BCHA isn’t working, check with parents. 

The sound processor is battery operated and batteries need to be changed regularly.

Keep some spare batteries in school. Store out of reach of children.

Read more information on the National Deaf Children’s Society bone conduction hearing devices page. 

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