What a CROS hearing aid system is, when it is fitted, advantages and things to be aware of.

What a CROS hearing aid system is

A CROS hearing aid system includes two units which both look like ordinary behind-the-ear hearing aids. The difference is that these hearing instruments do not amplify sound. 

The unit worn on the deaf ear, called the transmitter, contains a microphone that picks up and sends sound to unit worn on the normally hearing ear, called the receiver. Sound transmission can be through wired and wireless units.

When a CROS hearing aid system is fitted

A CROS hearing aid system is fitted for children with profound deafness in one ear (unilateral deafness), where: 

  • there’s little or no benefit from hearing with a conventional hearing aid 
  • the hearing in the other ear is within normal range

Advantages of a CROS hearing aid system

A CROS hearing aid system can: 

  • help a child hear sounds on both sides of the head, to give a surround sound experience
  • give a child a better sense of the world around them so they feel included

Things to be aware of

Children with unilateral hearing loss are at a considerable disadvantage when noise and distance from the speaker interferes with what they need to hear.

A child fitted with a CROS hearing aid system: 

  • will need time to adapt to listening to sounds from both sides of the head     
  • needs to be sat with their hearing ear facing the class and the teacher

Deaf children need good visual aids to reinforce new topics and vocabulary. Always check they understand what’s been said.

You can read about CROS hearing aid systems on the National Deaf Children's Society page about hearing aids for children

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