Short term help at home, reablement

Reablement can help you adapt to a recent illness or disability by learning or relearning the skills you need to live independently at home.

Home adaptations and equipment

The right adaptations or equipment can help you to carry on living independently at home.

Help returning home after hospital

How to get help after you leave hospital so that you can return to living in your own home.

Guide to Bristol Careline

You can get support from Careline at any time using an alarm button and your telephone line.

Technology enabled aids

A range of equipment that can help you live in your own home safely.

Help with meals

What to do if you find it difficult to prepare a hot main meal for yourself.

Moving between areas: continuity of care

How to get care on the day you arrive in your new area when you move home.

Bristol Community Support Services

We're changing the way that we provide Community Support Services (CSS) to adults with social care needs in the community or at home.

Sensory support service

Housing related support and advice for deaf, blind and deafblind adults.

Staying Steady strength and balance classes

Staying Steady, a programme of strength and balance classes to help build strength.