Our range of equipment that can help you, or someone you care for, live at home safely and how to apply for them.

Our Technology Enabled Care (TEC) team can offer different products that:

  • support independent living in the home
  • alert a carer if there is a problem

Range of equipment

See our  pdf Introduction to Technology Enabled Care products (173 KB) to learn about our different products and their benefits.

Safe 24-7: Telecare

Telecare is a monitoring service that uses a range of personal alarm devices and sensors.

Telecare supports those who have either:

  • dementia
  • mobility problems
  • risks of falls or wandering
  • physical or learning disabilities

See our pdf telecare catalogue of devices, personal alarms, and sensors (201 KB) .

Health and personal safety: fall detectors and epilepsy

Our fall detectors can be used to:

  • raise an alert should you have a fall and are unable to get up
  • have a seizure
  • become confused and disoriented when away from home

See our pdf Health and personal safety: fall detectors and epilepsy catalogue (123 KB) .

Health and personal safety: prompts, reminders, and medication aids

Devices that can give support by using visual, verbal and/or audible reminders and prompts. These can help tasks such as taking medication.

See our pdf Health and personal safety: prompts, reminders, and medication aids catalogue (265 KB) .

Safe at home : home sensors, activity tracking, and remote monitoring

Our range of devices that can improve safety in the home.

We offer a range of sensors that can monitor activity in the home. Connected to telecare or pager systems, they can send alerts to family, friends, or carers to automatically let them know if that you may need help or assistance.

See our pdf Technology Enabled Care: Home sensors, activity tracking and remote monitoring catalogue (119 KB) .

Safe out and about: GPS and tracking

Our ‘safe out and about’ equipment can help to lower the risk of an individual becoming lost or disorientated whilst out walking.

See our pdf Being safe while active: GPS (Global Positioning System) and location devices catalogue (215 KB) .

Making Life Easier: Socialising and communication

We offer a range of devices such as:

  • easy to use telephones and mobile phones
  • simple solutions for you to call for help

See our pdf Making life easier: Socialising and communication catalogue (138 KB) .

Making life easier: virtual assistants, smart devices, and apps

We offer smart devices and other 'smart' products to support you in tasks you may find difficult or tricky to do.

See our pdf Making life easier: Virtual assistants, smart devices and apps catalogue (255 KB) .

How to get Technology Enabled Care products

Buy your own

You can buy your own electronic aids direct from Bristol Careline on 0117 922 3269.

Many people prefer to buy privately, rather than wait for funding from us.

Get them from us

If you're eligible for a service from us, we might be able to supply your care products.

Contact us using our Adult Care referral form or call 0117 922 2700