Short term support which will either be delivered in your own home or in one of our two rehabilitation centres.

When we can help you

We can provide short term help of up to 42 days to assist you to get back your abilit to do everyday living activities. This might be following:

  • an injury
  • a stay in hospital
  • a period of ill health at home.

How we can help

The services we provide are:

  • Reablement - a daytime short term help in your own homeTo get short term help from us, you must:
  • be over 18 years old
  • live in the Bristol City Council's boundary.


The short term service is free.

If after your period of recovery you are identified as needing ongoing support, you will have a Care Act assessment which will tell us what kind of services you need. When you have a Care Plan in place you will also have a financial assessment to know how much you may need to contribute to the cost of your care

Alternative services which can improve your safety and comfort in your own home

There are other services that can improve your safety and wellbeing

How to get referred

If you are at home, a health professional, family member, you or anyone on your behalf can call Care Direct on 0117 9222700.

This conversation will help to work out the most appropriate action for you.

If you are in hospital the health professionals arranging your discharge will discuss with you your needs and make the most appropriate referral.

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