How to apply for adaptations to your home, grants and financial help

What an adaptation is

If you're disabled, you may find it difficult to carry out day to day activities in your home. 

An adaptation can:

  • help you move around your home
  • make it easier for your carers to look after you

Disabled adaptations include:

  • stair lifts and through floor lifts
  • ramps, rails and step lifts
  • door widening for wheelchair access
  • lower level units in kitchens lower level units in kitchens
  • level access showers and other bathroom alterations such as raising your toilet
  • improved heating

How to apply for an adaptation

Find out how you can get simple alterations or equipment, such as grab rails, hand rails or lever taps. 

To apply for any other adaptations to your home, you'll need to arrange an assessment with an Occupational Therapist.

For disabled adults

Care Direct for disabled adults
Fill in the Adult Care Referral form
Phone: 0117 922 2700

For disabled children

Children and Young Peoples Services
Fill in the Occupational Therapy referral for a child form
Phone: 0117 903 8250
Minicom: 0117 903 3825

The Occupational Therapist will either:

  • recommend simple equipment for your home
  • refer you to our Accessible Homes Team for an adaptation

Grants and loans

You can pay for the adaptations yourself, or you can apply for a grant or loan to cover the costs.

Disabled adaptations for council tenants

After your assessment you can apply to get help to use or move around your council home.