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Types of hearing loss (audiology)

Different types of hearing loss and how to support pupils that have them.

Teaching phonics to deaf children

Overview, things to think about when teaching phonics to deaf children, the benefits of pre- and post-tutoring.

Exam access arrangements: hearing loss

Access arrangements for pupils with haring loss taking GCSE, A Level or SAT exams.

How to work with an interpreter

What BSL is, how to work with an interpreter or a Communication Support Worker.

How teaching assistants support pupils with hearing loss

What the role of the teaching assistant is, and what specific support they can give a pupil with hearing loss.

Managing the radio aid in school

Recommended morning and end of school day routine for using a radio aid, tips for when wearing the microphone.

Using the Roger Touchscreen microphone

Wearing the microphone, conference mode for group work, transmitting directly to the student's hearing device, frequently asked questions.

Using the Mini Mic and Mini Mic 2+

Information and tips on how to use the Mini Mic and Mic 2+ in the classroom and during group work.

Troubleshooting radio systems and audio processors

Things to try when a radio system has crackling, low volume or poor connection, troubleshooting OPUS 2, Nucleus 6 and 7, and Sonnet.

Adding subtitles to a film

How to add subtitles to videos for social media, Google Drive, or a film you’re watching on your computer.