Using the Roger Touchscreen microphone

Using the Roger Touchscreen microphone

Wearing the microphone, conference mode for group work, transmitting directly to the student's hearing device, frequently asked questions.

Wearing the microphone

When you’re wearing the microphone:

  • make sure the lanyard is adjusted so that the microphone is a pens length from your mouth: if it is too far away, it will not pick up speech effectively
  • remove lanyards and scarves, so that they do not rub against the microphone: this creates background noise, making it harder for the student to understand speech
  • use the mute button when not talking directly to the student: the mute button will flash red when muted, press this again to unmute

The SENCO should regularly monitor correct usage.

Group work

For group work of maximum 5 people, you can use the touch screen as a conference microphone. It will automatically change into this mode when you place it flat on a table.

Placing the transmitter on top off a cloth can improve the sound quality in this mode.

Transmit audio directly to the student’s hearing device

To transmit the audio used in class directly to the students’ hearing devices .plug an audio lead into the jack at the bottom of the touchscreen microphone.

Read FAQs about using the Roger Touchscreen Microphone (pdf, 60KB) (opens new window) .