Licence needed for a permanent structure, or any part of a structure, which will overhang, project over or oversail, the adopted highway.

If you're proposing a permanent structure or any part of a structure, such as a balcony, which will overhang or project over, the adopted highway: footway or carriageway, you must have a Section 177 licence.

This is often called a highway projection licence or oversailing licence. 

Apply for Section 177 overhang licence

Complete and return the  document Section 177 overhang licence application form. (105 KB)

You'll need to include:

  • Cheque for £746 payable to Bristol City Council.
  • Site or street plan showing building location.    
  • Plan of canopy / balcony / overhang.
  • An elevation of building at least up to top of overhang.
  • A section through the overhang, including footway and kerb.
  • Supporting calculations, if overhang is large.

Legal fee

There will be an extra fee payable to our legal team for them to complete the legal aspects and drafting of documents for this licence. 
This fee can vary depending on your requirements and will be discussed during your application.

What happens next

You'll need to allow 20 working days for your crane permit to be processed. We'll return your permit to you by email.

Your application and tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply for this licence. You must wait until you receive your licence from us.