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Find out who needs to apply for a skip permit, how much it costs and how to apply.

You must have a permit to put a skip on a public road or highway. 

This also applies to hippobags, other skip bags and roll on roll offs.

You must apply for a skip permit at least 4 working days before you need to put the skip on the road.

Who can apply for a skip permit

Only the company who owns the skip can apply for a skip on a highway permit.

If you need to carry out any highway works for which a Section 278 Agreement is required (see your planning decision notice) this must be signed and completed before we can process your application.

Insurance requirements

You must have a third party insurance policy providing at least £5 million cover for any claims arising out of one incident.

This insurance policy must be shown to us if we request it.

Number of skips per site

Usually only one skip is allowed per 20 metre stretch of the highway. 

Extra skips maybe permitted in exceptional circumstances such as if a larger container is needed but can't fit because the site is on a corner. If you need more skips on the site ask for this on your application.

Putting the skip on a road

As the skip supplier you must make sure that:

  • the skip is positioned on the road so that it doesn't cause an obstruction to other road users
  • all appropriate skip regulations are followed
  • you  have a parking dispensation if you're putting a skip in parking zone or using a parking space
  • you follow the layout in the  pdf skip placement diagram (78 KB)

If you put a skip on the road without a skip permit you will be:

  • fined up £1000 under the Highways Act
  • ordered to apply for a more expensive retrospective skip permit

Cost of the skip permit

A skip permit costs £75 for a calendar month.

A retrospective permit costs £124 for every calendar month the skip didn't have a permit.

A permit is valid for a calendar month. You must make another application if you need a skip for longer. 

Non-account holders should:

  • include the correct licence fee, or
  • make an online payment

You need to give us payment references or receipts when you apply. 

The licence or renewal fee is £75 per calendar month. 

Retrospective licence applications cost £124.

Apply for a skip permit

You can apply for a skip permit online.

Apply for a skip permit

After you apply

We'll get back to you within 4 days of you submitting your skip permit application.

You'll be able to act as though your application is granted, if you have not heard from us by the end of the 21 days.  This is known as tacit consent

Contact information

Highway Asset Management (100TS)

Bristol City Council
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Tel: 0117 922 2100