Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

What a TTRN is, the application process and how much it costs.

When you need a TTRN

You need a TTRN when you want to stop or limit vehicles or pedestrians' traffic on a road or footway.
You can use a TTRN for:

  • emergencies
  • unplanned work including urgent water leaks
  • planned work lasting no more than two days

You need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) for planned roadworks and building works next to the road such as large developments.

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice

A TTRN can last up to:

  • two days for planned works, such as filming
  • five days for unplanned works or urgent water works
  • 21 days if public safety is a concern

How long it takes

Submit this application at least 2 weeks before the proposed closure for planned works, except in case of emergency works or urgent water leaks.

Contact if you want us to consider a shorter notice period. 

What you'll need to do

There needs to be an alternative footway for people to use if the footway is closed.  This is usually a temporary walkway along the side of the closed footway.

Where applicable you'll also have to: 


The cost of a TTRN is £620. This doesn't include any temporary traffic management costs, such as diversion signs or barriers.


No refunds will be offered.

A change of date needs to be notified before the commencement date and must be in writing.