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How much the licence costs and how to apply.

To put up festive lights, such as Christmas lights, over a highway you'll need to apply for a temporary festive lighting licence.

Cost of a temporary festive lighting licence

These costs include the preparation and implementation of the licence and its legal and engineering aspects.

  • New festive lighting proposals: £2,752 plus VAT 
  • Renewing a festive lighting scheme: £1,376 plus VAT

If you're renewing a festive lighting scheme:

The scheme must have been previously approved by us, and is subject this being fully checked and approved by our engineers.

The cost may increase depending if the lighting scheme has changed since its original approval, and how much it's been changed by. 

Apply for a temporary festive lighting licence

To apply you must: 

Temporary festive lighting licence appendices 

Complete and return with your application any of the required appendix documents.