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Apply to set up portable two, three or four way traffic signals for planned work, and how to get permanent traffic signals turned off or on.

When to set up temporary traffic signals

You can set up temporary traffic signals to:

  • restrict the width of the road while you work
  • replace permanent traffic signals during repairs or works

Two-way temporary signals

Email to put two-way temporary signals on the road.

You must do this at least seven calendar days before the proposed start date to avoid any delays.

You must include:

  • where the temporary signals are going to be
  • when you're going to install them and take them away
  • why you need them
  • name and out of hours number of the contractor doing the work, in case there's a problem with the operation
  • name and number of the temporary signal supplier:  it's better to use a local supplier so they can get to the site quickly if there's a problem
  • if you need us to switch off any permanent traffic signals or pedestrian crossings

You must make an application for portable traffic signals if two-way signals are going to be used near a junction or on a very long (300 metres or more) stretch of road.

Three or four-way portable signals

To put three or four-way temporary signals on a road you need to apply for site approval.  

Apply for portable traffic signals

You must send your completed application at least one week before the proposed start date to avoid any delays. This notice will be in writing.

Turning permanent traffic signals off and on

If you need to put up temporary signals near or to replace permanent traffic signals, the permanent signals will need to be turned off while your carry out your work.  

Let us know so we can arrange to turn the permanent signals off and on. 

Permanent signals switch off costs

We charge:

  • £146 per site visit, Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm
  • £215 per site visit at any other time

This entitles you to a 15 minute site visit at a set time by a Network Management officer who will switch the permanent signals off or on.

A new site visit will need to be arranged if you fail to attend the site and an additional charge will apply.


We'll only issue refunds for a cancellation of a switch off request if we receive a notice in writing no later than three working days before the proposed start.

Refunds for switch ons will be at the discretion of Highway Network Management.