Licence needed for a structure, or any part of a structure, which will go under the adopted highway.

If you're proposing a structure, or any part of a structure, which will go under, or undersail, the adopted highway you must have a Section 179 licence. 

This is often for basements and cellars that extend out under the footway or carriageway.

Apply for Section 179 licence.

Complete and return the  document Section 179 licence application form. (34 KB)

You'll need to include:

  • Cheque for £746 payable to Bristol City Council.
  • Location plan.
  • Drawings and/or sketches showing full details of structure and position of road/footway.
  • Drawing numbers .
  • Calculations and design certificate or other evidence that the structure will provide adequate support for the design dead and live loads.

What happens next

You'll need to allow 20 working days for your crane permit to be processed. We'll return your permit to you by email.

Your application and tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply for this licence. You must wait until you receive your licence from us.