Blaise Plant Nursery

Blaise Plant Nursery

The times and dates for 2018 plant shop openings at Blaise Plant Nursery.

We supply Bristol City Council and other local authorities with winter and summer plants.

We open our doors to the public during dedicated times throughout the year. We sell a large selection of:

  • bedding and hanging plants 
  • compost
  • plant pots 
  • planting materials


Blaise Plant Nursery is close to Blaise Castle Estate. 

Address: Blaise Nursery, Kings Weston Road, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS11 0XF

See map of Blaise Plant Nursery.

Blaise Plant Nursery: shop opening times

The Blaise Nursery Plant Shop will be open during 2018 over the following dates:


  • 10am to 4pm, Monday 3 September to Friday 14 September including weekends


  • 10am to 4pm, Monday 15 October to Friday 26 October, including weekends 
  • 10am to 4pm, Monday 3 December to Friday 14 December, including weekends

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