There are indoor, all-weather and outdoor football pitches in Bristol.

How to book a pitch

You can hire any of our indoor or outdoor football pitches on a 'pay to play' basis or get regular pitch bookings for you or your local football club.

Indoor and all-weather football pitches

Grass football pitches

There are 57 football pitches in Bristol's parks.

Pitches available on Saturday and Sunday:

Canford Park: 3

Dundridge Farm: 2

Eastville Park: 3

Kingshead Lane: 1

Muller Road Rec: (Current under development, some pitches may be available)

Netham Park: 5

Oldbury Court: 3

Redcatch Park: 2

Wellington Hill: 1 (junior)

Dorian Road: 2

How to hire a pitch

Download, complete and return an application pack

Find a local football club

Find a local senior or junior football team to join at:

You can contact The Gloucestershire County Football Association by phone on 01454 615 888 or email to

Football for women and girls

For up to date news about football for women and girls in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, visit Gloucestershire FA’s women’s and girls’ football page or Somerset FA’s women and girls football page.

Disability football

Find out more on our Disability sport page.

Professional football

Bristol has two professional football clubs that play either in the Championship or League One:

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