Development liable for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Find out if you need to pay CIL and what we charge.

Your development is liable for CIL if:

  • it contains at least 100 square metres of extra floor space (new build)
  • it is less than 100 square metres but results in the creation of a new dwelling
  • you are converting a building that is not ‘in-use’

Read our guidance notes on development liable for CIL (pdf, 54k) (opens new window) .

Some development is not liable for CIL. Check the list of development that doesn’t pay CIL on the government Planning Practice Guidance website.

Claim CIL relief

You can claim relief from CIL for some development.

You can find out how to claim social housing relief using our CIL relief flowchart (pdf, 108k) (opens new window)

Check the forms of relief on the government Planning Practice Guidance website to see if you can claim relief. You can’t claim relief from CIL for exceptional circumstances in Bristol.

You can also make a claim for Discretionary Charitable Relief from CIL (pdf, 49k) (opens new window)

In-use buildings

A building is in-use if it “contains a part that has been in lawful use for a continuous period of at least six months within the three years ending on the day planning permission first permits the chargeable development”.

How we work out the size of a development

We work out the size of a development using its Gross Internal Area (GIA). You can look at examples of how we calculate CIL (pdf, 56k) (opens new window)

If you’re a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) member, you can read a document about how to work out GIA at the RICS website.

If you’re not a RICS member, you can buy the RICS Property Measurement document to read about working out GIA.

What to do if you think you're liable for CIL

You can get a Planning Application Additional Information Requirement form and guidance from the CIL forms page at the Planning Portal website. If you apply through Planning Portal, you’ll need to attach this form as a supporting document. Otherwise, you’ll need to send us this form with your planning application.  

If you will be paying the CIL, you must also download the Assumption of Liability Notice form from the CIL forms page at the Planning Portal website and send it to us.

We’ll then work out if you need to pay CIL. If we give you planning permission, we’ll also give you a Liability Notice telling you how much CIL you must pay.

What you’ll need to pay

Look at rates in our CIL charging schedule (pdf, 1.3MB) (opens new window) .

If you have to pay more than £35,000, you can pay in four instalments over 18 months. Read our CIL instalment policy (pdf, 30k) (opens new window) .

Find out about our CIL charging and collection process (pdf, 49k) (opens new window) .

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