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A varied mix of stalls selling original fashion, vintage, hand-crafted accessories, records, unique gifts and everything in between.

A range of services are also available from key cutting to clothing alterations, shoe repairs to jewellery repairs and many more.

Aardvark - shopping


Exchange Hall

Beware of the Leopard Books - shopping

The Clairvoyant - shopping

The Clairvoyant

Exchange Hall

Hey Jo Jo

Hey Jo Jo

Exchange Hall

Japonicat - shopping


Exchange Hall

Lunartique - shopping


Lower Exchange Hall

Kamuren's Barber Shop - shopping

Kamuren's Barber Shop

All Saints Lane

Midtown Avenue Bristol - shopping

Midtown Avenue Bristol

Exchange Hall

Orient Express Silver - shopping

Orient Express Silver

Exchange Hall

Rules of Play - button

Rules of Play

Covered Arcade

Studio 7 Music Repairs - shopping

World Fossils - shopping

World Fossils 

Exchange Hall

Wanted Records - shopping

Wanted Records

Covered Market

A & P Jewellery - shopping

A & P Jewellery

Covered Market

Beast Clothing - shopping

Beast Clothing

Exchange Hall

The Bong Shop - shopping

The Bong Shop

Glass Arcade

Exchange Stamps - shopping

Exchange Stamps

Exchange Hall

Hot Sauce Emporium - shopping

The Hot Sauce Emporium

Exchange Hall

Jewellery Lane - shopping

Jewellery Lane

Covered Market

Lucy Anna flowers - shopping

Lucy Anna Flowers

Glass Arcade

Newflower - shopping


Exchange Hall

Phone Junkies - shopping

Phone Junkies

Covered Market

Sew and Sew - shopping

Treasure Island Sweets - shopping

Treasure Island Sweets

Covered Market

Vicbricart - shopping


South Arcade

Avon Models - shopping

Avon Models

Exchange Hall

Be Natural Products - shopping

Be Natural Products

Exchange Hall

Fil Blanc - shopping

Fil Blanc

Exchange Hall

Instant Services - shopping

Instant Services

Covered Market

Kalahari Moon - shopping

Kalahari Moon

Covered Market

Memories - shopping


Exchange Hall

Over Here - shopping

Over Here

South Arcade

Quadrant Trading - shopping

Quadrant Trading

Exchange Hall

The Rock Shop - shopping

The Rock Shop

Covered Market

Payback Records - shopping

Payback Records

South Arcade

Source Food Hall and Café - shopping

Source Food Hall and Cafe

Exchange Avenue