Ashton Court Estate

Ashton Court Estate

Country park and mansion with 850 acres of woodland and grassland and many activities.

A number of facilities and other services in parks will remain closed until further notice. Find the latest changes to park services due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Admission and opening times

There is normally no charge for admission. You may have to pay for entry to some parts of the estate if a special event is running at Ashton Court. 

The estate is open Monday to Sunday from 8am. Closing times are different throughout the year:

  • 5.15pm in November, December and January
  • 6.15pm in February
  • 7.15pm in March
  • 8.15pm in April
  • 9.15pm in May, June, July and August
  • 8.15pm in September
  • 7.15pm in October

Ashton Court Estate is open over the Christmas period but check the dates for car parks and cafes. 

To report a problem at Ashton Court visit our report a problem in a park page.

See our site map of Ashton Court Estate (pdf, 6.1MB) (opens new window) .


See our Festive events at Ashton Court Estate 2021 page.


Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN


There are three car parks in Ashton Court. The car parks open at 8am.

Parking costs £1.20 per vehicle per day. You can use your parking ticket in any of the Ashton Court car parks for that day. You can also return during the same day without paying again.

There is no parking charge for Blue Badge holders, motorcycles and scooters.

Open every day over the Christmas period including Christmas Day.

When charges apply:

  • Church Lodge car park (Dovecote): from 10am
  • Mansion House car park: from 9am
  • Clifton Lodge car park (Golf): from 6am

Charges apply until the estate closes. Closing times vary throughout the year.


The National Cycle Route 33 - Festival Way goes through Ashton Court Estate.

If travelling by bike: 

  • make sure your bicycle has light reflectors and at least one light at the front and back
  • wear a helmet

Public Transport

Take the X3 excel or X4 excel bus from the city centre, 10-minute walk from the bus stop to Ashton Court Estate Mansion House car park, or take the 8 to Clifton and walk across the suspension bridge.

For further information see the First Group website.


You can walk to Ashton Court from: 

  • Clifton across the Clifton Suspension Bridge 
  • National Cycle Route 33-Festival Way

If you’re walking in low light: 

  • avoid wearing dark clothing 
  • bring a torch with you

Disabled access

There are two disabled toilets in the stables courtyard.

If you use a wheelchair, have restricted mobility or are visually impaired, it may be difficult to get around the estate due to the terrain and topography.

The stables courtyard is level but has a cobbled surface.

There is limited wheelchair access to the formal gardens.

Find out about the courtyard cafe's accessibility on DisabledGo.


  • Mansion House car park: 10 disabled parking bays
  • Clifton Lodge car park (Golf): one disabled parking bay
  • Church Lodge car park (Dovecote): 10 disabled parking bays

Safety advice for our deer parks 

If you enter the deer enclosures, you should:

  • keep your distance from the deer
  • not touch the deer
  • not try to photograph the deer at close range, use a long-range lens
  • not attempt to feed deer, by doing this you are teaching them to approach humans for food which is dangerous for all visitors

Dog walking and deer

If you choose to walk your dog in a deer enclosure then you do so at your own risk. Keep to the paths and keep your dog on a short lead.

You could face criminal prosecution if your dog chases deer, and other wildlife, in parks. 

Pond safety

Do not swim in any of the 15 heritage ponds on the estate.

The ponds are home to wildlife, some of which are endangered. Swimming disturbs this wildlife by damaging the habitat.

Our ponds have no drainage and contain stagnant water, making it easy for bacteria like blue-green algae to grow. In warm weather the algae will bloom, which can cause a health hazard to people and dogs.

Keep your dog on a lead near the ponds. 

If your dog has been in a pond, wash them as soon as possible to remove bacteria. If your dog shows any signs of vomiting, twitching, seizures, increased thirst, drooling, diarrhoea or breathing difficulties contact your vet immediately.

Tick awareness

When you visit our parks and open spaces, be aware of ticks. To help avoid tick bites, keep to clearly defined paths, use insect repellent and check yourselves for ticks when you get home.


To work as a volunteer at Ashton Court Estate and how to apply, visit our volunteer in parks page.

Ashton Court Mansion

The mansion is open from 11am to 4pm, Wednesdays to Sundays. 

It is now run by Artspace Lifespace, a registered charity.

You can find out more on the Artspace Lifespace website. 

Facilities and features

  • two cafes
  • Coach House
  • toilets with baby changing facilities (access via the stables courtyard)
  • woodland garden
  • picnic area
  • deer parks
  • golf course


Flying model aircraft, including drones

Model aircraft, including drones, can't be flown on the Ashton Court Estate. However, you can fly them in parts of:

Toilet opening times

Ashton Court Mansion: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

Ashton Court golf: Monday to Sunday, 7.30am to 7pm.

Courtyard Cafe

Find out about the Courtyard Cafe.

Golf Cafe

Find out about the Golf Cafe.

Coach House

The Coach House has a takeaway coffee and ice cream bar, as well as an information centre. Children’s activity books and walking trail maps are available in the Coach House. 

The Coach House is open on most weekends and good weather days from April to October.