Stoke Park Estate


  • Grade II historic park and garden alongside the M32. Many well known landmarks including the yellow Dower House, the fishing lake and the Purdown BT Tower.
  • Opening hours: open at all times
  • Admission is free
  • Parking is available at adjacent roads - please park with consideration for local residents.
  • No public toilets. Nearest public toilet is at Snuff Mills Park, five to ten minutes walk away. Leave from the Duchess entrance on Park Road.

How to find us

Stoke Park Estate is in Lockleaze and can be accessed from Romney Avenue (BS7), Lockleaze, Jellicoe Avenue (BS16), South Gloucestershire and from Frenchay Park Road (BS16) under the M32 to the entrance at Duchess Gate.

Stoke Park Estate, Duchess Gate, Park Road, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1AU

Google map of Stoke Park Estate


  • Dew pond (located at the base of the northern slope)
  • Fishing lake (also known as Duchess pond)
  • Walks (See related documents for downloadable walks sheets)
  • Hermitage Tunnel
  • Purdown BT Tower
  • The Dower House (built in 1563 this used to be a private stately home, but is now converted to private flats)
  • Woodland areas and trees
  • World War II gun emplacements (located on the upper part of the ridge)


Visitors with wheelchairs and pushchairs should use the Jellicoe Avenue entrance, as other entrances are narrow. Please be advised that the park is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Community groups and associations

The Stoke Park Steering Group is a group of local residents interested in protecting and enhancing the park. Steven England is the chairman of the group and they are currently looking for new members. Please email if you are interested in joining the group.

Geology and pre-historic past of Stoke Park

Stoke Park Estate sits 275ft above sea level and has complex geology including

  • limestone lias clay of the Jurassic period (149-200 million years ago) when Stoke Park Estate was a tropical sea in the higher regions of the park
  • Kuper Marl mudstones formed in fresh water swamp conditions over 190 million years
  • Triassic sandstone (250 million years ago) as you get to Duchess Pond - the remains of a super desert when all the continents of the world were still one massive land mass called Pangaea. 

The fossil collection from Stoke Park Estate are currently held in the Glenside Hospital Museum.


  • Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Site (RIGS)
  • Scheduled ancient monuments
  • Site of nature conservation interest

Restoration works

We are carrying out a project to repair and restore Sir John’s Lane Wall, a grade II listed historic estate wall built in the 1780’s around the Heath House estate at the southwest end of Stoke Park.