Short term help at home, reablement

Short term help at home, reablement

Reablement can help you adapt to a recent illness or disability by learning or relearning the skills you need to live independently at home.

How reablement can help

If you need help to live in your own home after an incident or your health has changed rapidly, our reablement service lasts for up to six weeks. The Reablement Service offers short term help at home so you can carry on living in your own home and be as independent as possible.

We’ll help you to work out what you need help with and how to get the right support, both for the six weeks of reablement and in the long term.

The help can include:

  • personal care such as help getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom and cooking meals
  • domestic care such as shopping, cleaning and laundry

Cost of reablement

The Reablement Service doesn’t cost anything.

Who can get reablement

To get short term help at home, you must be unable to do:

  • tasks that are vital to your wellbeing
  • most of your personal care
  • most of your domestic routines

How to ask for help with reablement

Ask for a Needs Assessment using the Care Direct contact and referral form, or call us on 0117 922 2700.

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