Find out how and when to tell us about a change to your health, convictions, or other penalties.

If you have a taxi or private hire driver licence, you must tell us if:

  • your health has changed
  • you've received a conviction or any other penalties

The condition of your health has changed

If you've developed a health condition while you hold a licence, you must tell us straight away.

Your doctor may need to carry out a medical examination to make sure you're fit to drive.

Convictions, points or other penalties

You must tell us in writing by the end of the next working day if:

  • you're arrested or interviewed for any offence
  • you receive a simple or conditional caution
  • you're convicted of any criminal or driving offence
  • you receive any out of court penalties such as:
    • formal warning
    • community resolution
    • restorative justice education and awareness courses
    • community protection warnings and notices
    • fixed penalty notices
    • speed awareness courses
  • you're subject to any conditions by a court in relation to an offence
  • any other changes happen during the course of your licence, that you'd declare at renewal

You must tell us about these changes as required by the Taxi and Private Hire Policy. If you don't, it may affect your licence.

Tell us about a change to health or convictions