When you need a medical examination for taxi driver licences and how to get one.

You need to get a medical examination:

  • when you first apply to become a taxi driver
  • every 5 years when you turn 45, until you're 65 years old
  • every year after you're 65 years old

The examination confirms that you're fit, healthy and able to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle. 

You must take the same medical examination as bus and lorry drivers, known as Group 2 licence holders.

Find more details of the DVLA Group 2 entitlement of fitness to drive on GOV.UK.

How to get your examination

Take the  document taxi driver medical examination report (426 KB)  to your doctor to fill in.

You can get any doctor to do your medical examination, as long as they can get your medical history and notes from your own doctor.

Your doctor or GP surgery must also confirm they have provided these. There's a section in the medical examination report for your doctor or surgery to fill in.

It can take some time for a doctor to get your notes from another surgery. If you are not going to your own doctor, book your medical at least a month before your licence renewal date.

You can get a medical completed up to four months in advance of your expiry date.

If you already have a Group 2 driving licence

If you already have a Group 2 DVLA driving licence, you do not need to do a medical with us. You must:

  • provide evidence of your Group 2 entitlement, usually a copy of your DVLA driving licence
  • fill in the  document authorisation form (151 KB) which lets us speak to your doctor about your medical fitness

Fill in a declaration form if you have diabetes

If you have diabetes which is managed by insulin, you'll need to fill in the document insulin diabetes declaration form (141 KB) .

If you have diabetes which is managed by tablets, you'll need to fill in the document tablets diabetes declaration form (137 KB) .

Submit your form using our contact form.

If your health changes at any time, you must tell us.

Video guide

You can also view our video guide to completing your taxi driver medical examination form: