If you drive a hackney carriage that is licensed outside of Bristol, there are limits on how you can work in Bristol.

You cant:

  • work mainly in Bristol
  • use hackney carriage ranks
  • wait on the side of the road for customers
  • be hailed down by prospective customers

Your insurance will be invalid if you go against the conditions of your licence. You should discuss your conditions with your licensing authority and let them know where you plan to work for the most part. 

If you want to work mainly in Bristol, youll need to apply for a driver licence and a vehicle licence.

What action were taking

Were carrying out test purchasing to find illegal taxi activity in Bristol.

If we find taxi drivers who are committing licensing offences, well report them to the police. Well also report offenders to their licensing authority so their licenses can be reviewed, and we may prosecute them for those offences.