How to fill in the DVLA mandate so that we can check your driving licence.

We'll check your driving licence with the DVLA every time you apply for a taxi or private hire driver licence.

This will tell us:

  • when your licence expires
  • if you have any endorsements (or points)
  • if you've been disqualified

You must still declare any endorsements or disqualifications in your application. You also need to tell us at the time of the endorsement or disqualification.

You can do this using our Change in health, convictions, or other penalties form.

We may also check your driving licence at any other point you hold a licence with us.

DVLA mandate

When you apply for a taxi or private hire driver licence, you need to fill in a  pdf DVLA mandate (D906 form) (393 KB) which gives us permission to check your driving licence.

You'll need to:

  • print the form and fill it in black ink using capital letters, if you make any changes on the form you must add your initials and the date next to the changes
  • complete the DVLA mandate every 3 years, or any time that your personal details change
  • pay the DVLA mandate fee of £11.50 any time you send a new mandate, by calling 0117 357 4900

We'll remind you if you need to sign a new mandate when we email you about renewing your licence.

You can submit the completed mandate form when you fill in the new driver licence application form.

Video guide

You can also view our video guide to completing your DVLA mandate: