We use the Taxi Forum to present draft policies and ideas to anyone interested in taxi licensing.

The Taxi Forum is used to present draft policies and ideas to the trade and for trade representatives to raise and discuss matters with the Council. 

The forum gives an opportunity for you to informally ask questions of those involved in taxi licensing and to make suggestions on how taxi licensing policies can develop over time.

Meetings are  held on a regular basis and are normally chaired by the chair of the Public Safety and Protection Committee.

Membership of the forum consists of:

  • an elected member of the Councils Public Safety and Protection Committee
  • Council Officers
  • Hackney Carriage and Private hire trade representatives (nominated by an organisation or community group)

You can read the pdf Taxi Forum terms of reference (68 KB) .

How to join the Taxi Forum

If you want to join the taxi forum then read the terms of reference above and complete and submit the the document Taxi Forum application form (44 KB) .

Applications are considered by the chair of the Taxi Forum.

Taxi Forum meeting notes

Taxi newsletters