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Renew your private hire or Hackney Carriage vehicle licence.

You can apply to renew your licence up to 6 weeks before it expires.

You should submit your application at least 10 working days before the expiry date of your licence.

We are not required to send renewal reminders. We accept no responsibility for delays in renewals caused by the late submission of applications.

Before you apply

You'll need:

  • your renewal reference number, which is on your renewal letter and is 13 characters long
  • a satisfactory vehicle inspection check, completed less than 6 weeks before your licence expires
  • an insurance certificate, valid on the date the renewed licence will start
  • meter calibration certificate, if your meter has been calibrated since your last renewal
  • V5 log book, if your details have changed since your last renewal
  • a form declaring any interested parties, if applicable
  • a basic disclosure (DBS) which is no more than two months old at the time it's submitted, or your hackney carriage or private hire driver licence number
  • a valid email address
  • a debit or credit card

We cannot issue your licence until we have all the documents listed.

If you work for more than one operator, pick the one you work for most of the time.

Renew your Hackney Carriage vehicle licence

Renew your private hire vehicle licence

It will take us at least 10 working days to process your application and send you the licence by post.

You own multiple vehicles

If you own multiple vehicles, you only to provide one basic DBS each year. You must apply to renew each vehicle licence separately.

Upload your basic DBS with each application.

Your licence has expired

If you're applying after your licence has expired, we cannot accept the vehicle inspection check if it was completed more than 6 weeks before the date you submit your application.

If you want someone else to discuss your application or licence with us on your behalf, you'll need to give us written permission.