When and how to tell us about an incident with your taxi.

You must report an incident that affects the safety, performance or appearance of your Hackney carriage (blue taxi) or private hire vehicle. 

You must report it within 72 hours of the incident.

You can only continue to drive your taxi if:

  • its safe to drive and roadworthy 
  • there is no issue with public safety 

Your vehicle will also need to have a Bristol City Council vehicle inspection. 

Vehicle inspection 

Well inspect the damage of your vehicle. This inspection takes 5 to 10 minutes and is free.

Well send you time and location details when you have reported the incident to us.

We normally inspect the vehicle at  100 Temple Street, Bristol. However, we can go to the vehicle if its not roadworthy. 

Report an incident 

Use our online form to report the incident. Youll need:

  • your taxi licence number
  • your taxi registration number
  • photos of the vehicle damage
  • your insurance certificate

Report incident

Vehicle licence renewal 

If your vehicle licence is due to expire while your vehicle is being repaired, you must still renew your licence before it expires.